Postnatal Exercise Training in Christchurch

Once postnatal, always postnatal!

After having children, family life and day-to-day routines quickly take priority. Before you know it, a few years may have passed and you could still suffer from symptoms which are directly related to your children's births.

Even after a number of years, some mums may suffer from weak pelvic floors leading to leaking, back pain due to incorrect posture through carrying children and a weak core, or you may suspect you still have an abdominal separation.

Lucina Fitness can help you to regain your overall strength and fitness, core strength and confidence, whilst overcoming any problems associated with previous births.

We have a saying, "once postnatal, always postnatal" and Lucina Fitness has already helped mums who considered themselves "too postnatal" to be healed.

Please feel free to contact us to arrange an Initial Consultation and to discuss rehabilitation options.